Overall Rules

  1. Using this website means you fully understand and accept these terms of service.

  2. We may update these terms at any time and it is your responsibility to have read the latest version of them.

  3. not to make any false or fraudulent Orders or other transactions.

  4. Anubis Gold does not condone any behaviour that goes against the rules of RuneScape's EULA, and does not offer services that breach its terms of use.

  5. Prices can change at any time for orders that have not already been confirmed.

  6. Anubis Gold is entitled to impose a limit on the amount of the Orders the Customer may place.

  7. Anubis Gold may investigate, within the statutory parameters, whether the Customer can meet its (payment or other transaction) obligations and investigate all those facts and factors that are important for the responsible conclusion or performance of the Agreement. If on the basis of such investigation Anubis Gold has sound reasons for not entering into the Agreement, it is entitled to refuse or cancel an Order or request giving reasons or to attach special conditions to the performance of the Agreement.

  8. Anubis Gold may demand that before its performance of the Agreement, the Price for the Products ordered and additional expenses are fully paid upfront.

  9. Anubis Gold takes no liability for any virtual or monetary loss, or any in-game account bans.

  10. Anubis Gold is not liable for imposters. Ensure all trades are confirmed within the our website , or Discord with admins . if you buying GPS from us , In the case of cryptocurrency after the transaction has 1 confirmation you are given a location where you can receive your runescape gold, once you arrive you are traded the gold.

  11. In the case of Vodafone cash (Egyptian) YOU MUST give us Screenshot of the transaction ( Vodafone company always sending confirming message showing (Our vodafone cash number , amount of EGP , Date of transaction) ) .. If you don't have it ,, you can't recieve your runescape gold . Once we recieve the payment , you are given a location where you can receive your runescape gold, once you arrive you are traded the gold.

  12. if you made order through Live chat (Manual not through our payment page) YOU MUST give us Screenshot of the transaction and the transaction should be confirmed to complete your order .

  13. if you selling runescape gold to us , Once the rate, payment method and amount are agreed on, Trade us your gps ,and you are given payment details to make the payment.

  14. If you made an order then you contacted us via live chat, And no one answered you for 2Hour, You can contact the admin directly via Discord app . Of course, we will compensate you for the delay caused by our live chat staff as we see fit .